Díky bdělým lidem okolo mě se dostávám k řadě zajímavých informací. Jednou z posledních je třeba ta, že ve Velké Británii se bude dělat ta konečná tečka za koronavirem každé tři měsíce. No není to úžasné? Pokrok zkrátka nezastavíš.

Oral statement to update on the Omicron variant (The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has given a statement to Parliament on the Omicron variant and the COVID-19 vaccination programme.)

Our vaccines remain our best line of defence against this virus, in whatever form it attacks us. There’s a lot we don’t know about how our vaccine responds to this new variant. But although it’s possible that they may be less effective, it’s highly unlikely they will have no effectiveness at all against serious disease. So it’s really important that we get as many jabs in arms as possible... So I asked the JCVI, the Government’s independent expert advisers on vaccinations, to urgently review how we could expand the programme, and whether we should reduce the gap between second doses and boosters.

Výsledek je tento:

  • First, it advised that the minimum dose interval for booster jabs should be halved from six months to three months.
  • Second, that the booster programme should be expanded to include all remaining adults aged 18 and above.
  • Third, that these boosters should be offered, by age group, in a descending order to protect those who are most vulnerable to the virus. So, priority will be given to older adults and people over 16 who are at risk.
  • Fourth, that severely immunosuppressed people aged 16 or above who’ve received three primary doses should now also be offered a booster dose.
  • Finally, that children aged between 12 and 15 should be given a second dose, 12 weeks from the first dose.

Jejdamane, to jsou ale nadějné vyhlídky, co, milí tečkaři? V Británii musí děkovat bohu a krlovně za toho jejich Sajida Javida, t. č. ministra zdravotnictví a jeho pohůnky.

Nejvíc se mi líbí tento blaf: „Our COVID-19 vaccination programme has been a national success story.“ Co to je za pitominu? Vždyť to naopak vůbec nefunguje, když musí píchat co tři měsíce, no ne?

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